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A secure online fundraiser that rewards your supporters

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Sign up FREE and receive

  • Your own fundraising website, custom made for your school.
  • Pre-written email invitations to send to parents & supporters.
  • 100% of all online donations, less credit card fees.
  • No cost to your school.

In return, every supporter receives exclusive coupons from popular national brands, worth over $100.

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How it Works

Simply forward emails to your parents... We'll do the rest

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Sign Up for FREE & Send Emails to Parents

  • We provide a series of five email messages that are proven to work.
  • Simply edit the messages and send emails periodically during your fundraiser.
  • Encourage parents to forward each email to friends, family, co-workers, etc.
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Parents, Co-workers & Friends Donate Online

  • Your email will contain a link to your secure online donation site.
  • Parents & supporters choose the amount to contribute to your school.
  • A $4 fee is added to cover necessary hard costs like toll-free customer support, web hosting and related services.
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Supporters Receive Valuable Coupons Online and by Email

  • Coupons provide real savings worth over $100.
  • Deals redeemable at hundreds of popular, name-brand retailers.
  • Discounts both online and in stores nationwide.
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Donations Paid to Your School

  • You receive a weekly email report listing all supporters and donation amounts.
  • Each month you receive a statement with a check for the previous month's donations, less 3% credit card fees.

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Why Use Help Kids & Save?

Fast and Secure Fundraising

Setting up your fundraising website is easy, so you can start emailing supporters within minutes.

supporters Enjoy Real Value

Our national, name-brand retailers offer real savings on everyday products consumers want.

Works Nationwide

Parents, relatives and friends save at local retailers and online.

No Door-to-Door Selling

Keep your kids safe through this online donation tool and avoid door-to-door sales.

No Collections

We do all the accounting and reporting to make it simple for parents and volunteers.

Make More Money

All contributions go directly to your school, less 3% credit card processing fees.